Yameh Systems Limited

About Us

Yameh Systems Limited is a reputable ICT company in Nigeria. We are also partners with the biggest names in global consumer electronics manufacturing. Our remit is to position ourselves as the conduit for outstanding value to both the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and the discerning Nigerian buyers; ensuring value on both sides in a manner that is equitable and sustainable.

We realized the importance of a hybrid structure in today’s commerce. Therefore Yameh Systems Limited has created a robust online presence, supplying every e-purchase to the doors of our valued customers. We are also building physical hi-tech and well-stocked office stores; starting with our flagship store at 97 Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.

Purpose Integrity Results

Core Value

New Arrival

Telecommunication Devices

We are regularly expanding our connection in the consumer electronics industries. You can view our shop page to see the latest arrivals in our collection.

What We Offer

Original Products And Amazing Prices

Yameh Systems Limited is driven by passion for quality, excellent value-based services to our customers whatever medium they interact with us, as well as immeasurable utility to the OEMs that we directly represent.

Mission Statement

To provide the best value-for-money one-stop shop for quality technology products and services through strategic partnership with major Original Equipment Manufacturers.

Our mission is simple, to sell consumer electronics at the most market competitive rates. We want to ensure that scalpers do not manipulate the consumer. These scalpers take control of the product supply, and the people have to pay higher than average prices for these products. We want to protect consumers’ rights and provide them with their favorite products at or close to MSRP.

• Keep pricing at or close to MSRP.
• Reduce steps in the supply chain.
• Sell original products at the best price.

Vision Statement

To become a nationally recognized, customer focused and best value hub for online and offline sales of technology products and services.

We have a vision for a day when scalpers do not manipulate people and they get their favorite consumer products at or close to MSRP. We strive towards a new way of doing business by bringing the large OEMs closer to ordinary consumers. Our strategy has reduced steps in the supply chain hence reducing the price and transport of the product. Our strategy has also proven to be environmentally friendly.

• Protection from scalpers.
• Bringing OEMs closer to consumers.
• Environmentally friendly business.