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Mercury SP6240U-4U, 1.8M, UK. SURGE PROTECTOR


  • universal output sockets
  • 6 Output and 4 USB
  • cable length 1.8meters
  • Input Plug - British type


1 Extension box with 6 outlet and 4 USb Ports a with 1.8m Cable

Mercury SP6240U-4U, 1.8M, UK. SURGE PROTECTOR


Input Nominal Voltage 230VAC Current 10A (Max) Phase Single phase Indication Power Indicator Neon Type Cable Length 1.8m / 5m Input Plug British Type / Schuko Type Output Socket 6 x Universal Output DC (Total) 4 USB 5V2A • Surge protection • Fire proof design • EMI/RFI protection • Thunder protection • Overload protection • Safe and reliable design Environment Temperature -20˚C~90˚C Storage Temperature -35˚C~95˚C Humidity 0%~95%RH (Non-condensing) 200~230VAC Electrical Appliances Power Consumption Chart Hair Dryer 1000W Iron 750W Fax Machine 55W Inkjet Printer 52W PC 180W~300W 17” CRT Monitor 80W LCD TV 40W~60W DVD Player 25W Video Cassette Player 40W Mixer 100W~150W Refrigerator 800W~1200W 6240U-4U