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Mercury 120V MI7500 Sine Wave Inverter.

Mercury 7500VA/120V Inverter, MH-7500 - 7.5kVA Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Digital Display Pure Sine Wave Inverter for Clean, stable Output Suitable for all loads: inductive (air conditioners, refrigerator), motors (vacuum cleaners) & rectifier load (computer). Cold Start Fully digitised microprocessor controlled LED Built-in Charger Selectable  charging current 20A & 40A Intelligent long backup model Super efficient DC-AC Conversion Wide input range [90V -275V inverter mode 115V -270V UPS mode] Energy saving function with UPS green mode Critical overload protection Automatic Switchover to Inverter Mode Short circuit and overload protection Battery Protection 600W output capacity Compatible with generator

Mercury MI 1000


Nominal Voltage                                 12v Rated Capacity(20 Hour Rate)            220ah

Mercury MI 1600

Auto sense intelligent charging (ASIC) adjustment Highly robust & reliable Ideal for computers User-selectable charging current Generator compatible Wide charging voltage range Negligible battery water loss Low Battery Warning Overload Warning Over Temperature protection Short circuit protection Backup  indicator